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I've been creating and selling visual art--and I'm always singing and writing songs--and I've learned to use "Release Work" and other "Self-Help" techniques as a way of letting go of things that are no longer serving me.


I've recently published 99 pieces of "Original Digital Art", over on FINE ARTS AMERICA and when you click the 'all caps' link above, and it will jump you straight to my new gallery.

If you see one of my pictures, and that little voice says, "this would look great hanging on my wall", (or in your bathroom as a shower curtain), you can just click and place your order directly via FAA.

If you're not seeing anything that's 'just right for you', you can always reach out--and we can go over details--or I can create a quote, or even get started on an original piece of art that's just right and just for you...

I'm posting my art, almost everyday, and you can find it here on: INSTAGRAM.

I have some of my music (and other content), on YOUTUBE, and if you click the "all caps bold", you'll get a playlist of my one take wonders and a few of my original songs.


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This is a new 'symposium style' show, started by David Barski and Jim Maiden. I've been making regular appearances here--and--it's an amazing show every week!

We dive into esoteric & occult & conspiracy topics--and we have a synchronisticly good time--regardless of who might be our featured guest for the livestream. We always have a big panel of people--IT'S LIKE THE MAGICAL BRADY BUNCH!--So please come check us out--and subscribe--and jump in the Telegram channels for all the updates and exclusive content.]

I'm still working on specific packages for my
Release Coaching offers, but if you've heard that I'm available, and you're wanting to know more, please just send me a message. I can schedule you a free consult, and we can figure out if what I'm offering is right for you. Don't ignore that nagging voice! If your life needs some changing around--I might be the one who can help--so send a message today.

More Details Here:
I'm trained in Emotional Release Technique aka The Sedona Method, and it's a great tool for facing big problems or challenges in your life. (clicking the link above will take you to an interview with my coach and mentor, Beth Martens.) She is the one who introduced me to the Release Technique and I took her training classes to become certified as a Release Coach.

Release work has helped me to conquer past trauma--and move through those places where I was blocked or stuck--and it's also great for just
getting over the little things that might be holding you back from day to day.

If you want to know more, or you have an intuitive feeling, please reach out today, and we'll jump on a short call. Message anytime if you are feeling stuck, or if you're feeling you need to 'level up' in certain areas of your life.


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The work we've done with Tracy Twyman
[RIP] is the reason why myself and others have 'been attacked'. They've hit my YouTube [BUT IT'S BACK!], and the harassment has continued in a lot other ways as well.

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